Type World
Location Magical Realm
Population 20 billion+
Notable People Dwayna DragonFire, Michael Tourniquet

Terrater (pronounced Tair-rah-ter) is a world where the very air is filled with magic. Host to four moons and rotating between four suns, this chaotic planet is said to be alive in some sense. Non-magic users who come to this planet are given magical abilities against their will upon their arrival.

Planetary InformationEdit

A large planet three times the size of Earth, Terrater is a vast planet with only one extremely large landmass in its vast oceans. This Pangaea is known to have tundra in the east, mountainous regions to the north, forest to the west and deserts in the south. In the center is the regular temperate plains, at the very heart the large metropolis city known as Madone.

History of TerraterEdit

First starting off as a lonely planet, Terrater grew many forms of life, but none of them were very sentient. A race known as the Androids settled on the planet, feeling that it would be a good base for operations due to its magical qualities. They created the portal system, through which they could travel to many different worlds in many different universes. The first travelers they brought over were the Spirit Dragons, direct descendants of the original Spirit Dragon, Obsidian. They created the Explorer's Guild, a function through which they would travel to other worlds and bring others to the planet of Terrater to populate it.

Over time, the city with the portal building became the main capital known as Madone, flourishing with many different species of beings. They spread out over the singular landmass, populating many more areas. This is when the Explorer's Guild first encountered the problem with non-magic worlds - if they brought back anyone without magical abilities of some kind or another, that person would become forever changed. Most of the time the Changed got abilities that they wanted, but some got far more than they bargained for, causing a lot of psychological problems as well as deaths. So it was that whenever an Explorer found a world without magic and brought someone back, they would first need to warn them. People became more hesitant to come to Terrater, but some came nonetheless, especially if they felt they had no other choice.

As the Spirit Dragons were the first race to arrive, one of their number that had great influence had been made as royalty. King Orn DragonFire lead many crusades to liberate dying worlds, and rescued a great many people who would then be changed, including a woman who would become his mate and mother of their only child, Dwayna DragonFire. A climactic battle left Dwayna as Queen of Terrater, who lead her citizens through the Great Shadow War at great risk to her own being. She rules Terrater with King Michael Tourniquet DragonFire, and has an adopted son that is offically a Prince - Alexander Eileas DragonFire, who is married to Ethan Torke DragonFire.