Alistair Aurelio
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General Information
Gender Male
Age 21
Race Genesis Elemental
Occupation Knight
Status Alive
User Toru
Physical attributes
Height 6'0'
Weight 88kg (196 lb)
Eye Color Dark Blue
Hair Color Ash-Grey

Alistair Aurelio (æləstɛr awrelio) The Unwavering Knight of the Earth who banished darkness from his land.

Appearance Edit

Towering over most average height people at 6'1, Alistair carries a very stern expression. He has a slighty tanned rough-skinned face due to 40 percent of his body being composed of part-rock. He has dark ashen-grey hair is slighty wavy in thick layers and trails down to his neck. His chinline is very square and prominent, and his muscular build gives the same solid appearance his stare does.

As a high-ranking Knight in Redora's defence regiment, Alistair has been given the freedom of wavering from the standard knight uniform, giving him a unique presence on his home ground. Alistair wears a long, burgundy (leaning more towards the brown spectrum) khaki trench coat which drapes down to around his knees, open buttoned most of the time. Each sleeve is rolled upp held in place by a strip of material under the sleeve and a button. Emblazened down each sleeve are blue insignia representing his country, Redora, followed with the emblem of the country embroidered onto the back of the coat with a cream thread. The skirt of the coat is reinforced by fine rectangular steel plating in columns around the bottom. On each forearm Alistair chooses to don more steel, this time in the form of bracers, functioned for quick defence, both carrying Redora's logo.

On his lower half, Alistair wears light, dark blue combat pants tightened by a black leather belt, the buckle being once again Redora's emblem. On his feet he wears brown walking shoes, due to the rocky terrain outside of Redora's area.


From the tragedies and horrors that filled his young Knighthood, Alistair went from an overconfident, energetic child full of pep into a very serious, strong-willed man who out of combat still has aspects of his cheery youth prominent around his friends and allies, where he is more likely to joke around and express his true opinions on matters. Very strict to the Knight's Code that Redora employs, he is seen as a role-model to many of the young citizens and Knights of his country.



Powers and AbilitiesEdit

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